Formaldehyde Removal Services @ Natural Health Farm Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd

Apply Freshome Nano Coating to a newly renovated auditorium for #NaturalHealthFarm (NHF), a chain of 70 retail outlets, with it’s principal activities in retailing of nutrition supplement, organic foods, health care related products and nutritional consultation. Thank you for choosing Freshome ~ The No.1 Formaldehyde Removal Brand. #formaldehyde #Officerenovation #officesystem #nanocoating #antibacterial#airpurifier #hall #formaldehyderemoval #acousticpanel […]

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Feeling Sick After A Renovation?

Are you planning of renovating your home? New layer of paint, new built-in furniture,  new flooring and etc? Did you consider how the renovation work will impact your indoor air quality? Did you realize Formaldehyde from your built-in furniture, flooring, curtain will continue to off-gas into your bedroom? These chemical pollutants cause poor indoor quality. […]

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Self Sanitizing and Formaldehyde Removal Services

Another successful project to apply Freshome Nano Coating to a newly renovated home for healthier living environment. The latest nano technology products from Japan can effectively improve your indoor air quality. One application is all you need for up to 3 years protection. Turn your bedroom into a giant air purifier by coating every surface […]

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Freshome Nano Coating for Self-Sanitizing And VOC Elimination

New Furniture may off gas Formaldehyde, which is Carcinogen. By applying Freshome Nano Coating, your furniture will become an active surface which has self-sanitizing power and continuous VOC elimination power. One application is all you need for up to three years protection.