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Green park @ Serdang

Freshome Promotion for Green Park, Serdang Residents. Freshome coating your newly renovated bedroom with Japan High Technology Coating, and turn your bedroom into an healthier environment with following powerful function: Antibacerial Antivirus Formaldehyde decomposition Deodorization Our products can be coated on engineered wood products use to built your kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, tv cabinet and other […]

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Hari Raya Promotion

【Free Formaldehyde Level Measurement】 Celebrating Hari Raya in your Newly Renovated Home with Freshome Promotion. Check and confirm the indoor air Formaldehyde concentration is at safety level before you move into the new home. It is FREE. Send your name, full address and contact number to 012-320 1053 (wechat/whatsapp).  


【明报专讯】 《北京晚報》報道,中國血癌的自然發病率為每10萬人中有3人,每年約新增4萬名血癌患者,其中五成是兒童,且以2至7歲居多。北京兒童醫院曾統計,就診的白血病兒童中,九成以上家庭在半年內曾裝修家居;深圳兒童醫院亦發現,九成新增白血病兒童的家,過去半年曾經裝修。專家相信兒童患血癌與裝修期間發出大量致癌物質「甲醛」有關。 中國室內環境監測工作委員會主任宋廣生說,室內裝修的材料,如各種木工板、內牆塗料、牆紙、地氈、窗簾等,含有被世衛確定為致癌物的甲醛,可致血癌。 裝修釋大量致血癌物質 他說,由於兒童房一般比較小,又集合臥室、書房、活動室等多功能,使用的材料多、家具亦多,材料釋放有害物質容易增多。宋廣生建議,兒童房裝修時,盡量不打地台、不鋪地氈、少用有顏色的油漆和塗料,家具體積不要超過房間的50%,房間的窗簾、布藝家具、布製玩具不能過多。


Formaldehyde Removal Services @ Natural Health Farm Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd

Apply Freshome Nano Coating to a newly renovated auditorium for #NaturalHealthFarm (NHF), a chain of 70 retail outlets, with it’s principal activities in retailing of nutrition supplement, organic foods, health care related products and nutritional consultation. Thank you for choosing Freshome ~ The No.1 Formaldehyde Removal Brand. #formaldehyde #Officerenovation #officesystem #nanocoating #antibacterial#airpurifier #hall #formaldehyderemoval #acousticpanel […]